Financial planning is the road map that gets you from where you are today to the financial goals of your future. We've created over 1,500 financial plans and each client, regardless of net worth, gets a plan.

- Pauline Terry

We believe that financial planning is important in every stage of your life. It helps define your financial goals, keep you on track towards your goals and to make sure we always keep your end financial goals in sight. Whether that be saving for education, your first house, estate preservation, or leaving a legacy for your family, we will always have a plan to get you there.


​​We take pride in the research we do before we invest your money with any particular fund company. We provide independent analysis and advice on fund companies so when we choose a manager for your portfolio we know who the manager(s) are and whether they're active or passive style, what their holdings are, and where they invest. We pride ourselves on the education and due dilligence we put into learning about their funds. We're confident we have a good sense of who they are.

The investment products we support are so important they remain the tools we use to get clients to their investment goals!


We are a broker for GICs and therefore can shop around and get the best rate available. We believe that GICs are an important part of your financial plan.


We all need to have some money that we have access to in emergencies. We have a few places that we support when clients have short term goals or need cash during retirement. We make sure we shop around for the best short term savings account.